International Workshop on Fungal Grapevine Diseases


Eszterházy Károly College (Eger, Hungary), in collaboration with Plant Protection Institute, Centre for Agricultural Research, Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Budapest, Hungary), will be the host of the meeting entitled 'International Workshop on Fungal Grapevine Diseases' to be held in Eger, Hungary, from 29 March to 2 April 2015.

The workshop will focus on grapevine powdery and downy mildews, caused by Erysiphe necator and Plasmopara viticola (included in the workshop as a 'honorary fungus'), respectively, grey and black rots, caused by Botrytis spp. and Guignardia bidwellii, respectively, as well as on grapevine trunk diseases.

The main topics will be as follows:

  • Session 1: Pathogen biology
  • Session 2: Epidemiology and modelling
  • Session 3: Plant disease resistance
  • Session 4: Disease management in organic and IPM viticulture
It is planned that a special issue of European Journal of Plant Pathology (EJPP) will be published in due course based on papers from invited speakers and selected contributions from other participants. Volume number and page numbering would follow the regular style of EJPP (the issue will not be a 'supplement' of the journal). Papers published in the planned EJPP special issue would be regular full-length research papers and reviews, if appropriate, which will be reviewed just like all the other manuscripts submitted to the journal. For more information please contact Levente Kiss (

The venue location, Eger, is a famous wine producing area in Hungary: 'Bull's Blood' is one of the well-known red wines of that region.

A shuttle bus will be available to take the participants from Budapest airport to Eger and back to the airport.

We do hope to welcome you at the workshop in March 2015!

Levente Kiss and Kálmán Zoltán Váczy
Conveners of the workshop